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Extraordinary Therapeutic Massage in the South St. Headhouse District section of Philadelphia

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Welcome to Sanctuary

The heart and soul of Sanctuary is found within our people and our place. Inspired by our historic surroundings, we embrace the dedication to service and the unhurried pace of a much simpler time.

About Us

Our Treatments

Customized Therapeutic Massage

Our classic remedy for the body’s stresses

Couple’s Therapy

Two therapists, two bodies, one great relaxation experience

Hot Stone Integrated Massage

A powerful elixir of smooth stone energy, heat, and therapeutic hands

Recover Targeted Therapy

Heat, special oils, and a dedicated focus to those hard working muscles

Prenatal Massage

Bolstering, careful aromatherapy & special techniques designed for mom & baby

Cupping Therapy

Our classic integrated massage enhanced by the ancient art of cupping for profound deep tissue work

We offer much more!

What Clients Are Saying About Us

After weeks of desk work I felt like a pretzel going into the session. It was fabulous and I am feeling much more relaxed. I am now looking for openings to book my next three sessions.

Just great every time!

I always recommend Sanctuary for the ambiance, service,'s wonderful :)

The studio has a great vibe, as do the therapists. It's very welcoming, clean, and the perfect place to fully relax.

This unusual gem is worth coming back to over and over again. It's unique, well-organized, and inviting.

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Remember how you felt after your last massage?

Careful, customized stress remedies await.